E.M.P.R. (Emotion Memory Pattern Release) + Transformational Coaching

A Revolution In Mental Health

- Holistic, Functional, and Effective -

EMPR Method : Fully releasing the various and complex SUBCONSCOUS BLOCKS that keep you stuck and attached to past traumas.

+ Transformational Coaching: Creating your unique, fulfilling life that realizes an unprecented freedom, purpose, aliveness and joy.

= RESULTS: LIfe that leaves you MORE ALIVE in the living of it. With unprecedented results, presence and peace.

BEING more fully alive.

Enabling them to move fully forward and realize a life and self that fuflills them.

Even if traditional therapy hasn't worked for you, you can free yourself from the effects of the past and how it is stored in our body, mind and spirit with SelExAnO.

We help people free themselves - from Trauma, memories, emotions and stuckness -